Moore Experiments #3: Tiny Sling

The experiments have thus far led me to pursue two goals simultaneously. Goal One: To make slings built to sling particularly-sized spheres. Goal Two: To make a sturdy sling of near-negligible weight. With this sling, I'm half way to both goals. The innovation here is using the stays as part of the pouch. This is THE advantage of a woven sling, the contiguous threads yield a good hold within the pouch. The great thing about it here, is that it saved the weight and space of the rivets PLUS (and this is the best part) the stays themselves formed around the bearing making an excellently spherical pouch. I was in haste to finish this one and so I used staples to close the folds. Other than this tacky detail, it's perfect. Lighter, smaller, faster slings soon to come...stay tuned.

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