Smaller and Smaller Moore Experiments #4

This prototype has stays made from six strands of sewing thread. They are unbraided but tucked neatly under the back folds of the pocket on both sides giving the pouch a natural bearing-hugging curve. I think this may be as small as I can go and still control the release, the two beads are so small you have to wrap them around a finger to hold them well. It's a funny design, and I think I'll send it to my brother in law, I mean because what else is he good for if he can't test a super small sling for me? What else is there to do out in Oregon?! I mean honestly?! The innovation here, which I also tried out on the staple-hack-job on the former post is to have the stays folded back behind the pocket folds, it does an amazing job of curving the pocket. It makes for excellent pockets for perfectly spherical things, random rock shapes are betting fit into a flatter pouch, which I've already seen, but I'm curious to see if even the flatter pouch could benefit from the stays-behind-the-fold action. We shall see when slingmoore goes back to the drawing board for a new and improved sling.