Nothing says, "I have no idea what to give you" better than the gift of a sling from slingmoore

Enough experiments, let me show you some proven designs. This sling's made from genuine leather, over six feet of paracord, including over 2 feet just for the knots, and of course wood for the stay and trigger. Not to mention months of design and testing have gone into making this sling pull off the one trick that every sling must know. The trick? It's the dual ability to fully cradle, and easily release. These two contradictory jobs live or die based on the pocket design. In addition to doing these jobs beautifully, a stiffer leather is employed here to add a snap to the opening. The rivets hold the cupped shape in both dimensions. The stay and trigger are wooden, allowing a light but secure hold. And of course the absolute best thing about it is... that nothing says "I have no idea what to buy you..." better than the gift of a sling.

Got Sling?