South Carolina Slinging

The great thing about slinging in South Carolina is that there are tons of wide-open flat spaces. Many clean shooting ranges everywhere... tons of buoys right off shore... targets out the wazoo. The major problem with slinging in South Carolina is that... there are absolutely no rocks... I've been so starved for good projectiles that I have picked up raggedy pieces of asphalt that were so pock-marked they could have been asteroids and thought to myself..."hey there's a nice one." But I have a plan. Circa 1770's when hundreds of ships would sail from England with their holds full of enormous basalt boulders used as ballasts. Upon arriving in the States, they would chuck the rocks and fill the ships up with merchandise to ship back to England which was hungry for all sorts of products/raw-materials from here. So in hopes that some of these ballast rocks (now used as jetties) have broken down over the years into some tolerable size for slinging, I'm going to head over there and see what I can find to sling.

Have rock will sling...