If my father-in-law can do it...

In general, one should be wary of sentences that begin with "if my father in law can do it..." But in this case, I must say, this is a very good first sling, in the rain, with two bad knees, and a light projectile. Maybe it's him, maybe military men are prone to excellence... or maybe... just maybe... it's the sling... Nah. The sling is nothing it's the slinger that matters. As I have said before and have confirmed every time I sling. Slinging is all skill, and perhaps a bit of good fortune, and of course I'm sure the sling from slingmoore didn't hurt. One more point of interest is that this is tennis back-board is an excellent practice ground. The field is small and contained, the projectiles abundant and cheap, and the best thing is... they come back to you. I would highly recommend this to anyone starting out. If you don't have a sling and would like to purchase one. Email me.

slingin in SC