Splash-down in the marshes of South Carolina

It's funny how sometimes you find your self on the top of a three story marsh-overlook venue and you just happen to have your sling in your pocket.  Does that ever happen to you?  Well this happened to me today.  Nothing special about this video except that you can see the rock land out in the marsh, just a little white splash out among the reeds. I also had to contend with a low roof and high guard rail, but the sling is versatile, and it was easy to just keep the rotations parallel to the ground. I'm using my favorite sling and the usual back pitch to send it, and of course... my little man wanted to help throw the "big rock." (no marsh creatures were injured during the filming of this video as far as we know).  Also this was done from Palmetto Islands County Park Observation Tower, and I was slinging straight North)