Soccer Ball Pattern Projectile.. Attempt

This is not the first time that I've attempted to crochet a soccer ball pattern projectile. It's a difficult pattern. But, after starring at a soccer ball for a while I realized, there was something that I hadn't tried, and that is, I had not tried giving all the vertices own stitch. So for this attempt, all the sides of the pentagons and hexagons are counted as two stitches, and the vertices are counted as one stitch. Consequently the beginning magic circle counted 15 stitches (10 for the sides + 5 vertices = 15 stitches). 
  1. First and Second Row - Magic Circle (15) 
  2. Chain 11 skip two stitches and drop down (this is what I call double crochet because it actually drops your crochet line to a lower level)
  3. Chain 8 skip two stitches drop down (repeat this step x3) 
  4. Close with chain 6 dropping down to third stitch on original 11-stitch chain 
  5. Third Row - From stitch 6 of first hexagon 2nd row chain 6 drop to stitch three on 2nd row on second hexagon 
  6. Chain 9 drop to 6th stitch on 2nd hexagon 
  7. Chain 3 drop to 6th stitch on 3rd hexagon 
  8. Close with chain 6 and drop stitch