What is Slingmoore Slingin' These Days? My Classic Sling

My own sling arsenal is a bit odd. I have noticed over the years, that I am hardly ever slinging with the newest cutting-edge slings I've been crafting. There's a few reasons, first, I don't want to ruin the new stock. I make every sling by hand, it's a big time investment.  Even a small snag or some mud on the pocket could potentially ruin a new sling for retail. Second I am also usually experimenting with one innovation or another, and lastly, people often find out about slingmoore from me, in person, and if they want to buy one off of me right then, the only one I have is my own.

My current arsenal consists of two slings. The first is this classic sling I made about five or six years ago and it just never made it to our warehouse for sale, ended up sitting in storage for a time. It sports some short lived features, first the desert-camo trigger-side stay, for a while I was experimenting with the stays being different colors for ease of loading but it turned out I hardly paid any attention to that when I was slinging so it was pointless, and I ran out of the desert-camo paracord pretty quickly too. Also this sling, which is a little shorter in length has a limited edition handle made of ceramic beads instead of the wooden ones that the classic slings usually have. The ceramic beads have a superior grip and look great with the desert-camo color scheme but they were a bear to knot. I had to drill each bead to make the hole big enough for the paracord and then I had to file the edges down so as not to tear the stays. In the end I was glad when I ran out of these, they were kind of high-maintenance.

Check out the slingmoore's very own miscreant.