Spring 2013 Slings...The Double-Tuck, Our First Design Innovation in Years

  ...has come to Slingmoore.  Our Spring 2013 slings sport a double-tucked pocket that protects the stays.  I admit it doesn't look like much of a change but the improvement in performance is surprising.  The tuck decreases the pocket-width without decreasing pocket-length making the it more subtle.  And in the realm of slings, pocket-subtlety means reduced drag, better release time, which equals... accuracy.  And as if this wasn't enough, since the length isn't reduced the sling can handle a much larger range of objects.  This reddish street-cricket ball (a bit smaller than a racquetball) and this orange are equally secure since the sides gripped them both firmly.  The stays come in blue or OD green with different handle and trigger designs, see the warehouse for pictures and details.  As always, you can email your sling order to slingmoore@gmail.com, we'll email you a paypal request and your sling will ship as fast as you fill it out.  Happy slinging and remember why should you throw it...when you could sling it.