It's not too late to order... wait you know what...

Slinging West into the Pacific Ocean from the shores of Vancouver BC
...it is too late to order a sling from Slingmoore that will arrive on Christmas morning...but it's not to late to suggest what that boy might want to spend that Christmas cash on.  Think of the other options.  The next few times he goes to Taco Bell he might spring for an extra squirt from those guacamole caulk guns... blow it all on a movie or two... download twenty apps from the internet... or donate it to feed the hungry... ok if he's considering that last one then forget the sling... but assuming the other three are more likely you can give him a little nudge toward buying a sling.  It will last longer than any of these other options, throw a tennis ball farther than his dog can run, is much less fattening than guacamole... and to top it all off, you can finally get rid of that ten-times-regifted fruitcake by nailing it to the fence and declaring it a sling target.  Merry Christmas all slingers and slingers to be.