It's the little slings...

My wife and I have been trying to eat healthy. More fruits and vegetables, we joined a local CSA, and have been eliminating preservatives from our diet. One of the many benefits has been the onslaught of avocados, whose sole purpose on this earth, in opinion, is to take their place in the grand parade of flavors that is guacamole. In the midst of this change I received a gift order for a child's sling and so I sat down to make this little guy, thinking, "smaller is better for a little slinger." The only problem? I did not achieve a reduction in capacity. Though this little guy was designed to sling a golf ball, it can handle much larger game. The stays are continuous from the stay-rod to the trigger bead by passing across the back of the pocket. This forms a subtle cradle that would hold many an odd shape, and a much heavier weight than a golf ball. Even if a projectile only contacted the pocket at two points, the hold and release would still be unimpeded. Meanwhile, the guacamole was crashing down in waves, and what is to become of all these smooth skinned, near-egg-sized, just under 1/2 pound avocado pits? Let's just say they're not getting thrown out, at least not in the traditional understanding of that phrase.