The 9 ft. tall Goliath Should've Thought Twice

Maybe Goliath was sleeping during the Philistine class titled "WHEN TO DUCK." Or perhaps, like many, he under estimated our hero and his little sub-two-ounce weapon. He would not be the first to do either. These two slings are our finest creation yet. The smaller one shown here loaded with an avocado pit against the backdrop of the ugliest-yet-most-comfortable couch I have ever owned, known to all who have slept on it as "Mr. Squishy" is built specifically for a golf-ball sized projectile. It is trim, light, and exceptionally strong. I have yet to test the max distance and am wondering if it will rival a typical golf driver. Which brings me to the question, "has anyone ever tried sling golf?" I think the time has come. The larger one is designed to fit a baseball/tennis ball sized object, and is the first design. Genuine leather, 90 inches of nylon sheathed para-cord, and of course months of design and testing come together to make the simplest most powerful throwing tool ever wielded by a us featherless bipeds.