Find a Sling by Draw Length

Draw Length is the basically the length of the sling when you're slinging.  It's the distance from the pocket to the handle & trigger.  Or said another way, it's the distance that the sling would hang down from your hand when you're loaded and ready to sling.  You can find your draw length by standing straight, making a fist, and measuring the distance between your fist and the ground.  Go a little shorter than your draw length for easy of handling and more control, go a little longer than your draw length for raw power and distance.  The links below will sort available slings in stock by draw length.  
  1. 30-39 cm draw
  2. 40-49 cm draw
  3. 50-59 cm draw
  4. 60-69 cm draw
  5. 70-79 cm draw
  6. 80-89 cm draw
  7. 90-99 cm draw
  8. 100+ cm draw

Moore to come!