Parts of a sling

Our slings have four parts. The pocket, the stay rod, the trigger bead, and the stays. We use only the finest materials. The pocket is fashioned by hand from genuine leather. The stay rod is made of solid oak dowels, and every sling has ~10 feet of sheathed nylon paracord.

The view from the back: The stays are continuous across the back of the pocket making the pocket the sling's strongest point.

View from the side: Slingmoore slings are light, around 1.4 ounces all told, making them useful for slinging object as light as a golf ball, but strong enough to hold a stout rock. Also, the sling's default position is open, minimizing pocket-drag on the projectile.

The stay rod is held in the hand between the middle and ring fingers. The trigger bead is held between the thumb and the forefinger during the wind up and then released at the right moment.

The side view shows the snug fit provided by the sides
as well as the minimal but adequate curve of the pocket.

While the rock is being held firmly by the sides of the pocket, the actual weight of the projectile is on the stays giving the sling continuous tension across it's entire length so that no one part is over-stressed.

To store your sling, tuck the stay-rod and the trigger bead into the pocket. Then wrap the stays once over the back of the sling and then around the sides. Finally tuck it into your pocket or backpack.