One good cure deserves another

 I have found that my favorite curing sphere is a sewn cricket ball.  They are heavy and the perfect size for cupping the sling's pocket.  After moistening the back of the pocket just a tad, I realized that cricket balls are expensive but three dimensional so why not capitalize on that?!  Here was my solution.  

Remember to store your sling wrapped around something round even if it's a ball of paper.  It's good to encourage that leather-memory to maintain the subtle shallowness of your sling that allows it to be the most powerful throwing tool known to man, under two ounces... not a man under two ounces but the tool.


Slingball Anyone?

What does one do after perfecting the slingball? One plays it.  Now all I need is some more slingers... anyone up for flying to India?  It's not really that far.  What's 8000 miles and 48 hours of gut-wrenching plane travel between slingers?  Honestly.

Now... we just need some rules.  


Slingmoore's 2015 All-Blacks are here!

 Slingmoore 2015 All Blacks are here!  Genuine, black-stained leather, double-black stays, dark grey (it's in the black direction) double riveting, monkey-fist trigger and dark black and blue glazed-bead handles, these slings make slinging seem even classier than it already is.  Find your slings and Slingmoore, and email the post to sales@slingmoore.com.


How India changes slingmoore

Well...we cure our slings with cricket balls for one... there's some dietary changes as well but we won't go into that.  Cricket balls are perfect for curing.  They're a little larger than my usual projectiles so they contact with the entire pocket surface area, they are heavy so they help with cupping and they are smooth and, well here in India at least, they are easy to find.


The real slingmoore warehouse

 Warehouse conjures up images of 20,000 square foot cinder block behemoths with AC, forklifts and the occasionally surly union worker stomping about.  But in reality it's just a rope with some hooks and some slings on it.  But doesn't that fit?  Who needs an actual warehouse if just a length of rope will do?



What does slinging do to a sling ball?

Well it's not pretty.  Slinging your ballistic crochet will make it dirty, looser, and the stuffing will break and fall out a bit.  But after a dozen or so hard slings at a rough rock face target, this ball is holding together well.  So not to worry, you can always make more, and as they say, sling balls would be safe if you kept them in your pocket but that's not what slingballs were made for.


First All Black prototype off the Line

The very first all black prototype
(sling# 20151g60)
After just 24 hours of curing the pocket settles into a perfectly shallow hollow. Now all it needs is a slinger and a target. This is where you come in.  I have started storing my sling with something round tied up in it.  It's just a good idea especially if you've been slinging river rocks and your sling's a bit damp, the rounded shape helps it dry so that it's ready for action next time.