Visit the slingmoore nursery

Cutting hide into stripes
with Fiskar blade.  You have to go
slow with this puppy it'll will slice
your finger right off and not bat an eye.

Here's how Slingmoore slings begin. After buying a hide, in this case for Slingmoore's new 2015 all-blacks, I then stare at it for about 30 minutes deciding how to start cutting.  It always feels like there's a wrong way to begin. Then using a glorified pizza cutter, I cut long strips to width and then store them till I get more time. The leather was just the right thickness to make some really nice slings.  I feel a good batch coming on.

"What's next?" you ask?  We'll come on back later I'll keep you posted as these slings graduate from the nursery.
Strips are cut to width.