How to make a twelve row buckeye slingball step 4

Now for the main body of the ball.  I reccommed a different color not just for aesthetics but because it helps differentiate between the sides during  joining.  Begin by following the pattern from the previous post and then continue with the pattern below.  With the main body and the cap ending in the same number of stitches it's time to join the two which the next post will concern itself with.
Row / Pattern
5. 3 inc 6 inc 6 inc 3 (24)
6.  10 inc 13 (25)
7.  25 (25)
8.  13 dec 10 (24)
9.  3 dec 6 dec 6 dec 3 (21)
dec = one decrease stitch which pulls thread through two separate stitches then yarns-over once pulling through all three loops.