How to crochet a twelve row buckeye slingball step 6

Braiding the 4-plait.
Tie off the plait with two (smaller) overhands,
 then melt the tips.

Stuff it all into the ball

Finished Product.

Lossen the last joining stitch enough to stuff the ball with beans of your choice.  Lately I have been trying garbonzo beans which require no bladder due to their size, and smaller dhals stuffed into a balloon.  After stuffing, with your hook, pull all remaining strands from the inside and up/out through the first joining stitch (pictures show this being done at the last join stitch but I have since had these come out of the ball during use).  With all four strands (initial slipknot strands from both sides and the two finihing strands) do a 4-strand plait 2-3 cm long.  Tie off the plait using two overhands (one overhand is too large).  Cut and melt the tips.  Stuff the whole thing deep into the ball.  Since the moorings of this plait are on the inside of the last stitch, its default position will be inside the ball.  This a simple secure closing and almost invisible.  A more detailed post on steps 5 and 6 is forthcoming.