Slingmoore...Wicket Master

Cricketers bowl at three sticks called wickets
they are a kind of target.
The batsman is outed when struck.
So I'm in a crowd of young men who are playing cricket.  They see my interest and think they will get a laugh out of watching me "bowl," which is like pitching for cricket.  They were not disappointed as my bowl totally fizzled barely making it to the batsman.  But as they were giggling at the clearly uncoordinated foreigner (honestly...who can't bowl a simple cricket ball?), I drew out my sling and said in what I'm sure was weird Nepali "I will do this in my own way."1  Loading my sling with a tennis ball that I carry around with me I slung and slammed the wicket dead on, it went flying...  As it fell to the ground the giggling morphed into gasps of shock and awe... or maybe I imagined that... I wish I had made a video of it but here is the evidence... at 17 paces, note the fallen wicket to the right.  Ah accuracy... like an illusive friend, hard to get a hold of, but always pleasant to be visited by.

1 Mero afno tarikale garchu la?