Sling Games: Gallons of Gath

I challenge thee to a contest of skill. Two consecutive hits on a gallon jug at fifteen paces. Impossible? Maybe. Here is a tip. Slinging involves both the vertical and horizontal dimensions. Trying to time your sling release in both dimensions at the same time IS nearly impossible. Instead, limit your dimensions. Tip the sling arc so that it is aimed at the target edge-on. Picture your sling arc like a circular saw, and line it up as if to cut the target in two. Then you are only dealing with one dimension. One more tip, don't start at fifteen paces, start at 5. Increase to 8, then 10 etc. Making this one change to my form shot my percentages up twenty percent. One more tip, begin with a standard size projectile. I recommend tennis balls, they are light, cheap, and are unlikely to damage anything or anyone inadvertently. And...they show up very well on video. The only prize this round is bragging rights, when we get to twenty paces then we'll talk prizes. Send your video links to slingmoore@gmail.com