20 paces away from the target may have been 18 paces too many

My first idea for a contest aimed at improving accuracy was this: five slings at twenty paces aimed at a common everyday item, the milk jug. "Difficult, yet do-able" I thought. Well, I was half right. On this attempt I slung zero out of the five. So I'm posting this video for two reasons. First it's a good baseline, we can only go up from here. It's a kind-of "before" picture for the slinging world. Second, I've included floating "o"s that show the approximate strike spots for the stones which is a bit encouraging as I was at least close on three of the shots. I was reminded that David wasn't slinging at june bugs. Perhaps I should increase the size of my common everyday item to something a little closer to his preferred target size, a lake perhaps.

Reconsidering the rules