ESSE Contest Results, and the winner is...

Thank you everybody for participating!  I have been both encouraged and insulted by most of your guesses. :) The guesses were as follows:

Kevin: 2... thanks a lot Kevin...
Mark: 3... you've actually seen me sling so you know...
Ben W: 13
Karagan: 13
Patrick: 17
Patti: 18
Kirk: 19
Matt: 20
Chris: 20...you and Matt clearly haven't seen me sling

In the end, I shot 11 out of 24... and if you counted the ones that were very close...(which I didn't) I would have shot 13 exactly so congrats Karagan and Ben, your slings are on their way! Thanks again everybody!

The location of the Egg Slinging Extravaganza is this little red roofed barn in the center of the this picture.  On another note, this slingame site was just a ten minute walk away from a stone on stone masonry iron smelting furnace that went bankrupt sometime in the late 1800s.  You can still find olivine slag in the woods surrounding it.