Woven Sling Experiments

When I first started making slings, two pathways presented themselves: woven slings, and pouch slings. I researched both and it seemed to me that the woven slings were too size specific. In my experience coming across a rock is a rare event, let alone a rock that's the perfect size. So I still throw a pouch sling mostly because they're so versatile. But. I can't help just liking the way woven slings look, so I started experimenting with them. My first try was a denim pouch with hemp stays only. It was a 6 strand 3-plait weave: fun, but the weave was a draw-back, no advantage gained in weight or handling, purely aesthetic. So I started weaving the single split pouch. Wove one to fit a baseball, a ball bearing, and a golf ball. But still the weaving was very difficult to get to the exact right size even with the projectile right in front of me.

Then I had a revelation while I was teaching math one day. I was not limited to the one split design, I could split the weave multiple times if I liked. And so I did...This sling is the culmination of all that wandering. Made from burlap, it was woven from six, eleven foot strands. The draw (length from trigger to pouch) is 26" and woven in a herring-bone style. Pouch is specifically designed for golf-ball size projectiles, but the the four-split pouch weave will allow for a large range of projectile sizes, smaller and larger. This is my newest design, all of one material, and a great gift for that impossible-to-shop-for person.