Slingin at the Falls of the Ohio

best slinging is just north of where the bridge hits
the Indian shoreline...such wonderful rocks
Hands down the best place to sling near my house is the Falls of the Ohio, an exposed Fossil Bed beneath a river spillway with the important fact being... there are thousands of perfectly sized, perfectly smooth rocks, out in the middle of no where. I took my eldest boy there with me the other day to test two identical slings save for the length of their draw, one short, one long. So how does the draw length affect things? I'll be brief...Short draw... easy handling, improved accuracy over short distances, just plain fun to sling...
Long draws... distance and power, I was firing things so far I could barely see them by the time they landed... and when they did they were shattering... Now I should say here that this is one of those places where there are absolutely no people anywhere near.  I tremble to sling rocks.  You should too!  Slinging is dangerous, slinging rocks can be lethal.  If you take this risk make absolutely sure there is on one anywhere near you in any direction before you sling rocks.  Beware!  

sling out loud
Glen Moore