Snow Slinging Still Frames

These still shots from Texas are a brief how-to for side slinging. As in all styles, it's the timing of the release that is the real trick. So if you've been slinging for hours everyday since childhood to corral and protect your father's sheep then you probably think this is easy, but the rest of us need a lot more practice and a little instruction never hurt.



The Natural Sling

Have you ever thrown a tennis ball and had it disappear in the distance? It happened to me last night. I was showing a friend how to use his new sling and we couldn't even see where the ball went. With the continuous stays in the 2010 model sling, the curve produced on a ball is just perfect. It maintains the shallow pocket, but increases the holding-power of the sides... these guys are naturals. Happy slinging.



The 2010 Models are Rolling Out

The new 2010 models are a vast improvement on previous designs. The continuous stays across the back of the pocket add strength and a more natural curve to the pocket. This allows the pocket a better hold on a larger range of objects including perfectly spherical ones which are the most difficult for a sling to hold and let go of well. These stays also allowed the chance to drop the side rivets for an even lighter sling... at least I think, I haven't actually weighted them yet.


Slingin Snow in North Texas

The number of times that you have been delayed in traffic by a rogue elephant is likely close to the same number of times that it has snowed six inches in North Texas on Christmas Eve... but here I am in North Texas riding said rogue elephant all the way into town. Snow is really too light to be an excellent thing to sling but it does have some advantages... 1. It holds together well 2. It doesn't hurt whatever it hits which is why I aimed at the camera (glad I missed) 3. The dog has a great time. 4. It is plentiful! and can be sized perfectly.  Later I asked my family... "have I always had such a goofy laugh?" They just looked at me.  Slingmoore


Slinging in North Texas

Over Christmas I spent time with my family. For some reason my brother keeps finding himself in possession of the best slings this side of the Pecos... we spent some time slinging on his property. Most of the hits we made went trough the tarp to our great delight and then behind the target we descended to the creek bed. In the later shots we're aiming at the space between the two rust-stain streaks.  Slingmoore